Syria terror group "tool used by one or more countries"

Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists have become "a tool in the hands of one or more countries displeased with Moscow’s role in the liberation of Syria."

Source: Tanjug, TASS
(Getty Images, file, illustration purposes)
(Getty Images, file, illustration purposes)

The Russian Defense Ministry said this in a statement on Wednesday, TASS reported.

"Jabhat al-Nusra units, affiliated with Al-Qaeda remain the main source of instability in Syria, particularly in the Idlib area," the statement reads. "Members of this terror group, who have been receiving weapons and financial support, seek to disrupt the peace process in de-escalation zones, driving out the moderate opposition’s units," the Russian Defense Ministry said.

According to the statement, "all this confirms the concerns that terrorists from the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda have become a servile tool in the hands of one or more technologically developed countries that are dissatisfied with Russia’s leading role in the liberation of Syria from the Islamic State terror group."


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