Sukhoi 27 "comes within 6 meters" of U.S. spy plane

A Russian Sukhoi 27 fighter jet has intercepted a U.S. RC-135U plane in international airspace, a Pentagon spokesperson said on Friday.

Source: RTS
A pair of Su-27s (Getty Images, file, illustration purposes)
A pair of Su-27s (Getty Images, file, illustration purposes)

According to Michelle Baldanza, the January 26 maneuver was "unsafe and unprofessional" and happened as the U.S. aircraft was "flying a routine route in international airspace over the Black Sea."

According to the Washington Free Beacon publication, the Su-27 came within "20 feet (about six meters)" from the U.S. surveillance plane that was flying less than 50 kilometers from the Russian territory.

The Sukhoi reportedly came so close that when it turned away rapidly its thrust “disturbed the controllability” of the RC-135U.

Russian and American military officials on Thursday held a video conference - another round of consultations in a bid to ensure flight safety over Syria.

The Pentagon issued a press release afterwards, but did not mention the alleged incident over the Black Sea.


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