Until when will we wear masks?

State Secretary in the Ministry of Health of Serbia, Mirsad Djerlek, stated that the protective masks will have to be worn for at least another 3 to 6 months.

Source: Beta
Foto: Shutterstok/Omri Eliyahu
Foto: Shutterstok/Omri Eliyahu

The reason for that, as he states, is primarily because some people cannot receive the vaccine due to health reasons.

He said as a guest on TV Pink that, even if collective immunity is achieved, one must be careful. He pointed out that if we achieve the goal of having three million revaccinated by the end of June, we can hope for the normalization of life, including weddings, from July.

It is very important for us to be disciplined now and not to go with too fast easing of measures, because some countries that had a lot of revaccinated and quickly relaxed measures experienced problems, because they still face with the infection", said Djerlek.

He added that we must not allow this mistake and that all methods of vaccination must be used, including receiving the vaccine in buses and visiting every place, every village. He assessed that immunization is going well and that vaccination is the best way to avoid paying for expensive PCR tests during the summer to enter some countries when going on vacation.

According to him, that also applies to young people, whom he recommended to be vaccinated, so that they could go to the sea.


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