Serbs being most resistant to the coronavirus?

Recently, looking at the countries in the region, Serbia is in a very good position in terms of the number of newly infected with COVID-19, Belgrade media write

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Tom Pennington, Getty images
Tom Pennington, Getty images

Also, we "stand well" with another parameter, and that is the number of recovered patients.

According to the latest data from the Worldometers website, if you look at the countries in the region and the number of recovered, Serbia is convincingly in the first place with 96.5 percent of people who fought with this virus successfully.

A total of 32.228 positive cases were registered in Serbia, of which 31.100 successfully recovered. Is it because of a good health system, timely reporting to the doctor, discipline, or simply we have stronger genes than others, however, we are best rated in this category as well.

Immediately behind Serbia, but with a slightly weaker result, North Macedonia follows in a second place on this list. A total of 15.694 cases have been registered with our southern neighbors so far, of which 13.128, or 83.6 percent, have been cured, according to Novosti.

In Croatia, 13.368 infected were registered, out of which 10.721 or 80.19 percent recovered, which puts them in third place on this list.

Slovenia has also recorded a significantly smaller number of new confirmed cases in recent days, and the percentage of recovered patients in this country is 74.9 percent. They have a total of 3.603 confirmed cases so far, of which 2.699 have recovered.

The country that has faced problems with the sudden growing number of new patients in recent days is Montenegro, which currently has a large number of our tourists, which may pose a risk for the "import" of the virus upon their return. According to the latest data, the total number of positive cases in Montenegro is 6.385, while 4.460 or 69.85 percent of patients have recovered.

Another country that has a problem with the growing number of infected is Bosnia-Herzegovina. The total number of confirmed cases in our western neighbors is 22.834, while 68.6 percent recovered, more precisely 15.672 of them.

At the bottom of this list, when it comes to countries in the region and the number of recovered patients, is Albania. According to the latest data, the total number of confirmed cases in this country is 11.021, while 6.443 or 58.46 percent of people have recovered.


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