"Germans prefer Hillary - but Balkans is divided"

"If European countries could vote in the U.S. presidential election Hillary Clinton would win, but the support for Donald Trump would not be insignificant."

Source: Beta, EurActiv.com
(Getty Images, file)
(Getty Images, file)

The Beta agency is reporting this on Friday, citing an euractiv.com article.

According to this, Central Europe in particular supports Trump - being the continent's "migrant-wary region."

Trump is also favored "among Western Europeans that support the far-right and anti-EU forces," the article said.

As for the Balkans - it is "divided" with "the diaspora from the former Yugoslavia and, it seems, mostly the Serbs supporting Trump, while Albanians, Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims) and Montenegrins back Hillary Clinton."

According to the article, "a whopping 86 percent of Germans would vote for Clinton for U.S. president and only four percent would choose Trump, a recent poll showed - but in other EU countries Trump finds many more supporters, if not at government level, at least among the population."

"The EU mainstream politicians are concerned about the new American leadership’s willingness to remain engaged with Europe, and this tipping the scales in favor of Clinton. Recently, the European Peoples’ Party, which normally should be considered the sister grouping of the U.S. Republicans, indicated that it would most likely back Clinton, rather than Trump," euractiv.com said.

This website then quotes another - namely, Balkan Insight - as reporting that "the diaspora from the former Yugoslavia in the U.S. is divided - most Serbian Americans champion Donald Trump, while most Albanians, Bosniaks, and Montenegrins lean towards Clinton."

Meanwhile, in Serbia, where "the memories" of the 1999 NATO bombings against the then Yugoslavia are "still alive" - "a fake interview was published in the magazine Nedeljnik, in which reportedly Trump apologized for the military operation."

In the same euractiv.com article, quoted by Beta's Serbian language article, Trump is described as being "clearly the favorite of the Kremlin."

"As former CIA chief Michael V. Hayden said yesterday (November 3), there has always been a sympathetic authoritarian chord between the Republican presidential nominee and the Russian President Vladimir Putin," the website said.

“Trump routinely comes to the defense of his Russian soulmate, the former CIA chief said. 'Sounding simultaneously populist and a little bit the conspiratorial Marxist, Trump has claimed that unseen forces could rig the US election. It’s a theme that Putin is happy to echo,' Hayden wrote in the Washington Post," euractiv.com reported.


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