Vučić: Within 24 hours... VIDEO

They did everything to destroy Serbia, Serbia will win, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said.

Source: B92

"Dear citizens, we experienced a difficult seven days, the most difficult in the last 15 years. The most difficult because of the events in Kosovo and the campaign launched against our Serbia, a campaign of lies and untruths. As our people say, it doesn't snow to cover the mountain, but for every beast to show its mark. We could see that we have friends who are not numerous, but they are brave," the video said.

As he said, we were faced with the heaviest possible pressures.

"One principle applies to all others, that is, that principle suddenly no longer applies to only one nation - and that is the Serbs. When eight policemen were killed in North Macedonia, it was not done by terrorists, although they did it on the territory of a sovereign country recognized by the UN, and when a policeman who, by the way, cannot be where he was according to the Brussels agreement, is killed, and what we condemn and in no way justify, then all Serbs up to the age of 14 must be investigated, arrested, killed without any responsibility or right to defend themselves," said Vučić and added:

"In the previous days, they lied a lot about the presence of our military forces. Actually, to be quite frank, it bothered them that they realized that Serbia has, as they say, sophisticated weapons. We will continue to invest in the defense of our country, but Serbia wants peace. And everything they said they invented and lied and they knew they were inventing and lying.

However, the most difficult thing was to listen to the stories that we have to welcome the action of the so-called Kosovo police and in vain were the assurances that it was not done in a professional way. Our question that remained unanswered was why EULEX was not allowed to participate in the operation itself, instead they were placed in the operating room so that they could only watch from a distance how they were doing something, and they had to support it, because everything that is against the Serbs must be welcomed".

He added that those attempts to keep quiet about how some of the Serbs were killed have not succeeded and will not succeed.

"That is why I am informing you that within 24 hours you will be able to hear and see it. We have the statements of eyewitnesses, people who were on the spot and saw how and in what way at least one wounded man was killed, brutally. And Serbia will not calm down until the full truth is known, because the lives of Serbs are not worth less than others. And I am not interested in who will apply and how much pressure, just as I am not interested in how and in what way they intend to hurt Serbia with their lies, both in the region and in the Western media.

It is up to us to unite, to be even stronger, to build more factories, more roads, hospitals, to strengthen our army, to protect our country, to protect our Serbia. And you can only dream about the independence of Kosovo. Serbia will protect the Charter of the United Nations, Serbia will protect Resolution 1244, Serbia will protect its territorial integrity. Long live Serbia, Serbia will win," said Vučić.


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