Vučić: Albanians are planning to occupy the north of Kosovo

President of the Republic, Aleksandar Vučić, is attending today in Požarevac the ceremonial opening of the third factory of the Motherson Group in Serbia.

Source: B92

At the beginning of his address to the thousands of citizens gathered, he first of all warned of a danger that concerns all Serbs.

He said that he is getting additional bad news from Kosovo, the Albanians have a plan to quietly occupy the north.

"Serbian people will not tolerate violence and disrespect for international public law. You played games so far, but now, it's enough. If you can respect the norms that you have brought yourself, do it, if not, we will take care of that. It is important to me that I am here today, and during the campaign we said that we will work on strengthening the factories," said Vučić and added:

"Albanians are trying to quietly occupy the north of Kosovo and Metohija, their so-called interior minister announced that they placed under control Lake Gazivode, which would mean a new violation of the Brussels agreement. If you ask people in Brussels, they tell you 'yes, everything is fine', and then it gets worse. I warn all of them (Kosovo Albanians and their foreign patrons) not to do it again. The Serbian people will not tolerate violence or violation of international law. Stop playing games", said Vučić.


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