Kurti spoke up: He offered four proposals; "I hope that Vucic will think seriously"

The Prime Minister of self-proclaimed Kosovo, Albin Kurti, addressed the media after the meeting with Aleksandar Vučić.

Source: B92

He pointed out that they did not agree with the dialogue agenda and added that he presented four proposals at the meeting.

As he stated, the first one concerned the Free Trade Agreement of Southeast Europe, the so-called CEFTA according to the model that Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland have with the European Union. On the other hand, says Kurti, he suggests that Serbia and the so-called Kosovo will immediately sign an agreement that would oblige the two sides not to attack each other.

Kurti stated that the third proposal is mutual recognition of Kosovo and Serbia, according to which "both countries would have a reciprocal relationship", including the issue of minorities in Kosovo and Metohija, as, as he explained, the National Council of Albanians and Bosniaks in Serbia, reports Gazeta Express.

Speaking about the fate of the missing, the Prime Minister of the interim institutions, as part of the fourth proposal, asked for Veljko Odalović to resign from his position.

"I did not receive an answer to the first proposal, and three were rejected. I hope that Vučić and (Nikola) Selaković will think more seriously about accepting the proposals," Kurti concluded.


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