"Western talk about redrawing of borders is cynical"

Marko Djuric says the UN mission in Kosovo is an unpleasant witness for all who violate international law - and that is why they are trying to get rid of it.

Source: Tanjug
Marko Djuric (Tanjug)
Marko Djuric (Tanjug)

The head of the Serbian Government's Office for Kosovo and Metohija was commenting on Wednesday's UN Security Council session on the situation in Kosovo and Metohija, and on how he saw Pristina's demands for the abolition of UNMIK - "because that money could be spent better."

He told RTS said that the unilateral proclamation of independence of Kosovo was illegal, "and that therefore it is necessary for them to remove an unpleasant witnesses."

"Unmik is an unpleasant witness for all those who violate international law, and to the illegal secession of our southern province, the pogrom and the crime, and everything that is happening contrary to international law. Now those countries that tried only a few years ago to redraw our borders, and are now saying that borders cannot be redrawn - they would like to hide UNMIK and make sure that everything always goes as they planned," Djuric told RTS.

He said that Serbia, by defending itself, defended international law, while others attacking Serbia undermined the fundamental principles of international law.

"It is cynical that representatives of certain countries, for example the United Kingdom, say that there cannot be any talk about changing the borders in the Balkans - the ones they tried to change just a few years ago," Djuric added.

During yesterday's meeting in New York, representatives of Western countries, permanent UNSC members, once again insisted that the presence and the budget of UNMIK being gradually reduced, and then wrapped up.

They also want the Council's meetings dedicated to the work of UNMIK and the situation in Kosovo to be less frequent.

The countries pushing for this included the United States, Britain, France, and Japan, while previously Pristina's representative at the session expressed this position.

Serbia - that was represented by Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic - as well as Russia and China were strongly opposed to this.

Djuric also spoke favorably about "the internal dialogue on Kosovo" launched recently by President Vucic, to say it would "certainly help to continue the dialogue between Belgrade in Pristina." According to him, "Albanians have known what they want for more than a century and are working on it - we should think hard and gather our forces in the fight to preserve whazt is ours in Kosovo and Metohija, to preserve our people, our holy places, and land, that is, Kosovo and Metohija."


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