"Municipalities must have birth records in electronic form"

Ana Brnabic has announced that the municipalities that had not transferred birth records into electronic form would be penalized for breaking the deadline.

Source: Beta
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

The minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government on Thursday stressed that out of 145 local self-administrations only 63 had finished the job, Beta reported.

She told reporters that the deadline had been the end of last year, but that she expected 20 municipalities to finish the job by the end of January because some local self-administrations had transferred over 80 percent of the information into electronic form. According to her, 20 municipalities had finished less than 80 percent and eight less than 50 percent.

"We have released orders for inspectors to oversee the process and exact penalties in these local self-administrations," Brnabic said, adding that she was disappointed by the stance of some local self-administrations because they could not finish a job that was important to Serbian citizens.

She stressed that the job would be wrapped up in three months because everything had to be finished before the full implementation of the law on managing procedure on June 1 this year.

As a positive example she pointed to the municipality of Svrljig where birth records were transferred to electronic form back in 2012. According to her, Jagodina is the only city that has finished less than 50 percent of the conversion, while Pirot has transferred 73 percent of birth records into electronic form.

Brnabic told reporters that she expected the extension of health cards to be canceled by June 1, explaining that the state administration already had information on whether a citizen was insured or not and whether an employer had paid health insurance.


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