Serbia set to criminalize genocide denial - minister

Denial of genocide and war crimes will become a criminal offense in Serbia.

Source: Beta

This will be the case if final judgments reached either by a court in Serbia, or the International Criminal Court (ICC), establish that these acts had taken place.

Justice Minister Nela Kuburovic said on Wednesday this provision is included in the draft changes and amendments to the Criminal Code.

"We are fulfilling our obligations toward European documents," she has been quoted as telling journalists in the Serbian National Assembly in Belgrade.

The Beta agency also reported that Kuburovic added this was Serbia's obligation "based on a decision of the EU Council."

That decision states that any denial of genocide represents a criminal offense, and this is also found in the Statute of the ICC.

Asked to comment on the ICC has so far reaching "only one decision," Kuburovic said it "doesn't mean more will not be made in the future."

The proposed amendments to the Criminal Code are on the agenda of the current session of the Serbian Assembly.

Opposition SRS deputy Nemanja Sarovic told reporters in the Assembly on Tuesday that the planned provision was "unacceptable," and that his party has submitted an amendment.

Another opposition party, the DSS, also finds the provision "unacceptable."

People's deputies from the ranks of the SRS were on Wednesday wearing badges reading, "There was no genocide in Srebrenica."


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