Serbian president says his country "will never join NATO"

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic has said that Serbia will never join NATO, because it does not need to, Beta has reported quoting TASS.

Source: Beta, TASS
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

"Serbia will never join NATO; that does not depend on the European Union, it depends on Serbia. A decision to join the NATO is a decision to join a military alliance, which is not what we need," Nikolic said during a visit to St. Petersbourg.

The Serbian president said that Russia had never created any problems for Serbia over its relationship and cooperation with NATO, which is why he did not see why the European Union (EU) or NATO would complain about cooperation with Russia.

"The EU and Russia are both Serbia's friends. A friend cannot upset another friend of mine. If you are my friend, let me choose my friends. It seems to me that the relationship between East and West is becoming volatile, and Serbia is somewhere in between. We have used this to not be either in the East nor in the West," Nikolic said.

Speaking about regional relations, Nikolic said that Serbia was the only factor of stability offering reconciliation to everyone, pointing to Croatia, which Serbia had never slowed down on its path to the EU, even though it could have done so over numerous human and minority rights violations and threats to democracy.

"Croatia is not big enough as a state to stop Serbia, but it offers a chance to those opposed to cooperation to gloat. We are in favor of cooperation, primarily because of the Serbs living there when the Serbian-Croatian relationship gets tense, they face harassment," Nikolic explained.

Nikolic also said that Montenegro has made several mistakes in the past couple of years, and singled out that country's decision to join anti-Russia sanctions.

"It is also not treating Serbs in Montenegro as it should, and is constantly afraid that the Serb element might win again, considering that the awareness about the existence of a Montenegrin language and Church has not yet taken root," he said.


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