Jahjaga requires constitutionality review of deal on ZSO

Kosovo President Atifete Jahjaga has asked the Constitutional Court on Friday to review the agreement on the Community of Serb Municipalities (ZSO).

Source: Tanjug

The court should determine whether it is "in accordance with the supreme law," Tanjug is reporting.

Legal Affairs Advisor to the president Seljim Selimi said that Jahjaga submitted the official request to the Constitutional Court, in line with her legal and constitutional powers.

Starting from today, the Constitutional Court has 60 days to state its opinion.

The opposition in the Kosovo parliament, which have obstructed the holding of parliamentary sittings for a month, are against the president's move and demand that the Pristina government revoke its signature from the agreement on the Community of Serb Municipalities which was reached within the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue in Brussels in August.


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