"Friends of Serbia group for faster progress toward EU"

Romanian MEP Emilian Pavel says the goal of Friends of Serbia group is to improve the relations between Serbia and the EP.

Source: Tanjug

This should happen "with a view to its further progress in the EU integration process," the newly elected chairman of the informal group in the European Parliament said.

The group will endeavor to encourage MEPs to establish friendly relations with Serbia and its representatives and support Serbia's democratic development, the Romanian social-democrat told Tanjug.

"We are all aware that the relations between Serbia and the EU are strengthening with a view to Serbia's EU accession," Pavel said.

"Today, it is clear that the European project is impossible to be completed without the Western Balkans where Serbia has always played an important, leading role. Serbia is a country that has given a great contribution to the European history and values, and it has already proved to be a respectable partner of the EU," Pavel said.

This group, which met for the first time during the current term of office of the EP in Brussels on May 26, comprises members of different parliamentary groups whose goal is to support further EU enlargement, particularly by establishing stronger connections with Serbia as an EU candidate.

The informal group was formed in 2010 bringing together 30 MEPs from different parliamentary groups.


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