Draft resolution on "genocide" in Kosovo assembly

A draft resolution "on the genocide of Serbs committed against Albanians" during the 1999 war in Kosovo has been submitted to the Kosovo assembly.

Source: B92

According to officials in Belgrade, the resolution represents "a message to Serb deputies not to return to the Kosovo assembly."

According to Milovan Drecun, an MP from the ruling SNS party and chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Kosovo and Metohija, the reason why authorities in Pristina do not want Serb deputies to return to parliament is their desire to obstruct the passing of legislation to set up a special court "that should put members of the terrorist KLA on trial" for the crimes committed against Serbs.

"It is above all about Hashim Thaci's desire to marginalize the whole story about the special court," said Drecun.

Political analyst Dusan Janjic agrees that the "genocide" initiative is related to the announced passing of a law that would form the court. He also "warned about the other aspect of this move":

"If the declaration passes in the assembly it will become a document and such a document will create more problems for Kosovo, perhaps it will help Thaci in the daily-political sense, but will be damaging for Kosovo and even Serbia's relation toward the integration of Serbs, it will certainly jeopardize the Brussels agreement directly."

Serb representatives have been boycotting Kosovo's institutions since February, when Aleksandar Jablanovic was sacked from the Kosovo government. The justification for the move was that he referred to the Albanians who attacked with stones Serb returnees in the town of Djakovica on Orthodox Christmas Eve, January 6, as "savages."

Earlier this week, the Belgrade-based daily Vecernje Novosti said that Kosovo cannot sue Serbia for genocide before the ICJ considering that it is not a member of the UN, and could only do so "on a special recommendation of the Security Council."

However, the newspaper quoted experts, even if Pristina managed to achieve this, the court would "almost certainly declare that it had no jurisdiction in the matter."

Justice Minister Nikola Selakovic on Friday commented on the news out of Pristina in a statement for RTS:

"That's a pamphlet - third year law students learn that only a state can be a party in front of the International Court of Justice, and Kosovo is neither a state, nor a UN member."


EC approves proposal to sign SAA with Kosovo

Head of the EU Office in Kosovo Samuel Zbogar says the adoption of the proposal to sign the SAA "is an important step in EU-Kosovo relations."

Politics Thursday, April 30, 2015 15:50 Comments: 3

EU to help W. Balkans fight terrorism

The EU will help the Western Balkan states with EUR 10 million "in a joint effort to suppress Islamic radicalization and the inflow of terrorists."

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