Parties have until midnight on Friday to submit lists

The deadline for political parties, coalitions and groups of citizens to submit their elections lists to the Election Commission (RIK) expires at midnight.

Source: Beta

So far, RIK has declared 12 lists of political entities competing in early parliamentary elections to be held on March 16. They include the coalitions led by the SNS, the SPS, the LDP, the New Democratic Party (NDS), and the DS.

They also include the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians, the DSS, the Dveri Movement, the SDA of Sandžak, the URS, the SRS, and Treća Srbija (Third Serbia.)

The commission will then have until March 5 to determine and publish the complete ballot list in the Official Gazette.

The deadline for parties to submit their lists for early local elections in Belgrade also expires at midnight. So far, 14 lists have been declared.

The list of voters eligible to cast their ballots on March 16 will also be made final at midnight on Friday.


"Serbs in Kosovo will be safe and will survive"

Serb Progressive Party (SNS) leader and Deputy PM Aleksandar Vučić said on Thursday in northern Kosovo that he "guarantees Serbs security and survival."

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