SRS holds rally in support of Gaddafi

Opposition Serbian Radical Party (SRS) held a rally in Belgrade Saturday, expressing support for the Libyan people and Muammar Gaddafi.

Source: Tanjug

The participants also condemned the U.S. policy toward Libya.

SRS deputy leader Dragan Todorović said in the crowded Trade Union Hall in Belgrade that Serbian citizens supported Libya and Gaddafi in their fight to preserve the nation and its freedom.

Todorović said that the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia had been the victim of “Merciful Angel”, as the NATO aggression had been called.

“The same mission, this time entitled ‘Odyssey Dawn’, is now being repeated in Libya, it represents the twilight of civilization and the impunity of these criminals must end,” he argued.

A friend of Gaddafi's thanked the SRS and the “brotherly Serbian people” for their support, noting that the goal of the Libyan people was victory. He pleaded for the freedom of the SRS leader Vojislav Šešelj who is on trial in the Hague Tribunal.

Šešelj's youngest son Vladimir read a letter of support for the Libyan people by the SRS leader in which he stated that Libya was subjected to a NATO criminal aggression which was led by the U.S. and in which civilians were killed in order to violently change the system to remove Gaddafi and seize Libyan oil.


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