Doctor says Seselj continues his chemotherapy treatment

SRS party leader Vojislav Seselj is preparing to start his third of the ten planned chemotherapy treatments, the head of his team of doctors has said.

Source: Beta

"We are in the phase of receiving one serious medication from abroad that is used to renew liver cells, and that was used in the past by presidents of states," Milovan Bojic told TV Pink.

He added that sending Seselj back to the Hague Tribunal, where is on trial for war crimes, would prevent him from receiving his treatment, "which would practically mean that he would be returnign to the Hague to die there."

Bojic did not wish to offer any prognosis, but said Seselj suffered from "a serious metastasis disease."

The doctor added that while in the Hague detention, Seselj only received one chemotherapy treatment, "which is why his condition now is what it is."


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