Polish nationals arrested for defrauding telcoms

The Serbian Interior Ministry has announced that three Polish nationals have been arrested "for computer fraud."

Source: Beta

The suspects have stayed in Serbia since October 2014 without registering residence and used specially prepared vehicles and rented apartments in the Belgrade area to deploy computer and telecommunications equipment for malicious purposes.

The MUP said that they "continuously diverted international telephone traffic to unregistered prepaid SIM cards."

Using the VoIP technology, international telephone connections bypassed legal routes and were shown as national connections, incurring damages to all three telecommunications operators in Serbia. They have filed claims for damages in the amount of over EUR 650,000 in order to initiate criminal proceedings, a statement said.

During the police operation a large quantity of computers, computer and telecommunications equipment and thousands of SIM cards of local operators used to commit the crime have been seized.

The suspects and the criminal charges against them will be turned over to the Special Prosecutor's Office for Cyber Crime, said the Ministry of Interior.


Former minister indicted on fraud charges

The Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime has raised an indictment against former Serbian Telecommunications Minister Jasna Matic and her aides.

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