Several officials detained in corruption cases

The Interior Ministry has announced that several persons "belonging to different political options" have been placed under arrest.

Source: Tanjug

They are suspects in an ongoing police operation targeting crime and corruption, a statement said, adding that they came from the ruling SNS and SPS and the opposition DS party.

Director General of Public Company Resavica Vladan Milosevic has been arrested on suspicion that he received and offered bribes.

The arrest took place "during the takeover of marked bills," Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic told a news conference on Tuesday, "and recalled that himself and Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic promised at the beginning of their mandate that all citizens will be equal before the law and that nobody will have any privileges," Tanjug said.

Stefanovic said that Milosevic is a member of the main board of the Serb Progressive Party (SNS) Main Board, and one more individual from Belgrade are suspected of causing RSD 1.6 million (some EUR 13,000) worth of damages to Resavica company.

The minister said that the police also arrested former director of the Capital Investment Fund of Vojvodina Momcilo Milojevic on suspicion that he abused his office and his position as a responsible individual.

According to Stefanovic, Milojevic is suspected of having inflicted damages worth RSD 30 million (some EUR 240,000) to the Fund.

Stefanovic said that former director of the Jugoistok Company and president of the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) District Council Igor Novakovic was arrested on suspicion that he abused his office in the conduct of public procurement procedures.

The minister confirmed media reports that the brother of former MUP state secretary Vanja Vukic was also arrested.

Another person detained is DS Presidency member and former Novi Becej Mayor Milivoje Vrebalov, Stefanovic said. The Democrats (DS) previously announced that Vrebalov was set free by a local court in Zrenjanin.

According to the minister, Vrebalov and several other persons are suspected of incurring damages worth "more than a million euros according to the exchange rate at the time" to the municipality.

Stefanovic said that a new law on police was being drafted, and that this job will "probably" be completed by the end of January.

He said he held several meetings with heads of police departments, and that the draft will be subject to"a detailed public debate," to then be "sent to the European Commission as the working version."


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