EULEX: No secret indictments against Kosovo Serbs

There are no secret indictments against Serbs in the Kosovo courts, because there is no legal basis for something like this, said EULEX head Bernd Borchardt.

Source: Tanjug, Večernje novosti

"We inherited around 1,200 war crimes cases from UNMIK, half of which are now closed. We also have about 500 old cases waiting to be reviewed," he added.

"It is true that one person was arrested for alleged war crimes. The suspect is under investigation for allegedly committing a war crime against the civilian population in Kosovo Polje in 1999. EULEX was not involved in the second arrest," Borchardt said for the Tuesday edition of Večernje Novosoti.

The EULEX head says it is not true that a single crime against Serbs in Kosovo has not been resolved in the past 14 years.

The EULEX judges at the Kosovo Supreme Court worked on six cases related to the March 2004 unrest and 12 people were found guilty and sentenced to imprisonment. Since 2008, EULEX has solved over 38,000 property claims, and most of these came from Kosovo Serbs, he said.

According to Borchardt, EULEX will implement the rule of law regardless of an individual's nationality or descent.

"But our police and prosecutors need evidence and witnesses. I always encourage people to send us information which could be of help to us," he said.

EULEX came under strong criticism for closing its investigation into the murder of four Serb children in Goraždevac in 2003 and its failure to appear at a commemorative ceremony. Borchardt said he was very sorry about the tragic events in Gorazdevac and again invited anyone in possession of relevant information to make it available to EULEX.

UNMIK carried out the preliminary investigation and we took over the case when a few years had passed, he said, noting that any closed investigation can be reopened at any moment if the prosecutor gets new information which could potentially move the inquiry forward.


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