362 kilos of drugs burned at power plant

362 kilograms of drugs worth some EUR 7.5 million were burned at the thermal power plant Nikola Tesla in Obrenovac on Thursday.

Source: B92

The disposal of the illegal narcotics was overseen by a government commission set up for this purpose.

The Customs Administration said in a statement that the procedure "took almost all day," and specified that "nearly 54 kilograms of heroin and over 300 kilograms of marijuana" have been destroyed.

The statement added that the drugs in question had been stored by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations Police at the Interior Ministry (MUP) headquarters in Belgrade, and that a certain amount came from several police administrations and dated back to 1995.

"Similar proceedings to destroy narcotics are expected in the coming period as well, which will testify in the best manner about the uncompromising fight of the state against illegal narcotics trade," announced the Customs Administration.


Gendarme jailed for 40 years in double murder case

The Higher Court in Kraljevo has confirmed the 40-year prison sentence previously handed down to Aleksandar Krstic, who was charged with double murder.

Crime Tuesday, April 28, 2015 16:57 Comments: 0
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