1,752 employees voluntarily leave civil service

Civil service in Montenegro voluntarily leave 1,752 employees, as the Ministry of Public Administration announced

Source: Tanjug
FOTO: Depsoitphotos, sinenkiy
FOTO: Depsoitphotos, sinenkiy

1,430 employees at the central level and 322 at the local level applied for a public call for a consensual termination of employment with severance pay.

The heads of authorized bodies will decide on the requests of interested employees for a consensual termination of employment by September 30, 2019.

The information states that an employee can claim up to 50 percent of his / her monthly gross salary for each year of service, provided that the severance pay cannot exceed 15 gross employee salaries.

"An employee who is eligible for retirement and needs only two years up to 67 years of age, may be entitled to severance pay of up to six gross salaries. The gross salary is determined as the average of the last three gross salaries that belonged to the employee before severance payment", the Ministry said.

The money for payment of severance pay is provided from the funds of state administration bodies and other bodies established in accordance with the law, which are financed from the state budget, as well as institutions founded by the state, but also from the funds allocated by the Ministry of Finance in the 2019 budget amounting to EUR 2.7 million for this purpose.

"Consensual termination of employment is realized within the Public Administration Optimization Plan 2018-2020. The goal of optimization is to support the establishment of an administration that responds to the needs of citizens and the private sector in a better way, while unburdening the state and municipal budgets", the Montenegrin Ministry of Public Administration explained.

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