Serbia's public debt now at 50.9 percent of GDP

Serbia's public debt at the end of March amounted to 23.4 billion euros, which is 50.9 percent of the planned annual GDP.

Source: Beta

The Finance Ministry announced this on Monday.

At the end of February, the public debt was 23.15 billion euros, or 50.4% of GDP.

At the end of 2018, the figure amounted to 23.01 billion euros, which was 53.8 percent of GDP, and at the end of 2017 it was 23.22 billion euros, or 57.9 percent of GDP.

The lowest number was reached in 2008, when it amounted to 8.78 billion euros or 28.3 percent of GDP, while at the end of 2000 it amounted to 14.17 billion euros, which was 201.2 percent of GDP.

According to the Law on the Budget System, the share of public debt in GDP is limited to 45 percent.

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