B92 sets up Mila Fund

B92 has decided to launch a campaign and set up a fund that will help the recovery of animals subjected to cruelty.

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  1. Dear zsuzsanna,

    Your email has not reached the editor of the English website, so we cannot provide any feedback on that front.

    As for the Mila Fund, this page in Serbian is constantly updated, including with news and details concerning donations made to the fund thus far:



    (B92, 19 October 2010 18:14)
  2. I sent you already a mail to ask what happened with Mila fund. I saw Mila at the vet station and i hope that she will be adopted soon. I think that more transparence is needed about Mila's found und i don't find normal not to get any answer.
    (zsuzsanna, 19 October 2010 17:41)
  3. i need help,funds from Serbia and the EU to create a safe home for stray dogs,house would be opened in Vojvodina Srbobran,There are many stray dogs in need of food, water, human care, sanitation, and love.pray all the good people who are able and who are human to come forward and help this fund launch. +381 64 25 21 626, +381 731 427
    adri.jan89@hotmail.com ... Thanks in advance!
    (Adrian Sulc, 22 July 2010 13:20)
  4. I share the remark made by Donor from Australia.I made a donation from Italy with the correct SWIFT code addressing it to "FOND B92" as stated in the attachments,but I understand now more clearly it should have been addressed directly to "FOND MILA".

    Best regards,
    Donor from Italy
    (Donor from Italy, 28 April 2010 17:35)
  5. Thank you for your interest in contributing to this campaign.

    The donations should be made to the Mila Fund.

    Individuals should use account of the beneficiary with swift code GIBARS22.

    Other details are used by legal entities.


    (B92, 20 April 2010 11:03)
  6. Dear B92, I would like to make a donation in the USD$ to the Mila fund but reading your instructions it is not very clear: a) which SWIFT code should be used to transfer the money from an o/seas bank to Ernste bank(currently there are two SWIFT codes listed) b)which fund should be nominated - 'B92 fund' or the Mila fund.
    Thank you
    (Donator from Australia, 20 April 2010 04:47)