1. Clean Cut,

    Do you really believe your own statement?

    A forced independence of Kosovo will ofcourse STIMULATE unrest in Macedonia.

    If Kosovo can get independent, why not Western Macedonia?

    And RS, and Herzog Bosna, and Northern Cyprus, and Tibet, and Kurdistan and rural Bolivia, and ....
    (Ron, 1 November 2007 02:14)
  2. Clean Cut,
    YEah in Serbia but not in Macedonia, Greece and Montenegro.
    Albanians want independence in all of those nations and if the get independence from Serbia, Macedonia is next. If NATO and US occupy Kosovo for too long, NATO is also in line.

    Terrorists should not be harbored as Albania and Kosovo governments have done.
    (JOhn, 31 October 2007 21:48)
  3. The acceptance de jure of Independent Kosova will certainly stop the existence of these groups, be those Albanian, Serbian or Roma.
    (Clean Cut, 31 October 2007 20:28)
  4. Good to know that everyone knows the whereabouts of this terrorist,time to start cherry picking them.
    (lids, 31 October 2007 18:24)
  5. Quoting Thomas Gambill, a former security chief with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), self-described as the world's largest regional security agency...he "warned his U.N. superiors that the newly formed paramilitary group, the Albanian National Army, was "highly dangerous and skilled" and operating in Kosovo as well as northwestern Macedonia. But those warnings, Gambill said, were also met with disbelief.

    (Roger7, 31 October 2007 17:36)