1. A fun fact, to fuel even more conspiracy theories.

    - French military sportsmen reported COVID-like symptoms in November (fact!)
    - There was a world championship of military men / women in Wuhan in October (fact!)


    - Other military men/women complained about the same, it was a quite spread flu-like disease (fact)
    - Among competing military teams was the team of DPRK (fact!)
    - The only country in the world interested and benefiting from COVID and wanting to test the "efficiency" of their bacteriological weapons is DPRK (fact!)
    - ISIS, DPRK, Al Kaeda very well can demand and expect from the fanatics serving them to get infected (fact!)

    Not fact: the military sportsmen from DPRK were artificially infected as they entered the competition.
    Not fact (yet): the infection sport team got at Wuhan Military Olympics was indeed, COVID-19

    There you go. Don't think, this happened (see above), but if any artificial source could come in question, the most likely is DPRK.
    (Ataman, 22 May 2020 10:18)

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  2. "Coronavirus originated in the laboratory, designed for specific targets"

    A well-respected doctor of a clinic is not a virologist. In order to remain well-respected, she should not over-step her qualification. Of course, she can provide a feedback.

    But than, the press should be clear: that feedback is not from a specialist.
    (Ataman, 21 May 2020 19:58)

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