B92, city, associations mobilize to help rescued dog

BELGRADE -- Fund B92, the Belgrade city administration, and SOS Animals association will join forces to raise funds and help a severely mutilated dog.

The young female mixed breed, named Mila (Darling) by her rescuers, was found in a Belgrade suburb on Wednesday will all four legs cut off.

She is currently recovering in a private veterinary surgery, but in the meantime, citizens and organizations are looking for ways to raise money and buy the necessary prostatic aids, and find her a new home.

Fund B92 can be contacted via this email: protezezamilu@b92.net, and all those who wish to make a donation will be directly notified about the campaign's progress.

Meanwhile, the suffering of the dog has stirred spirits at the City Hall as well, where Mayor Dragan Đilas confirmed that this institution will also provide funds for the purchase of the prosthetic aids.

Đilas told Tanjug that while the city "has no way to fight against sick minds that cut off dog's legs", it can help with raising the awareness of Belgrade's young and senior residents alike, about the need to develop love for animals.

The mayor also stressed that monstrosities such as this can be discouraged by catching the perpetrator, and punishing them accordingly.

Đilas said he appealed on all normal people to fight against such occurances, and said that the city will continue with its project to build modern asylums for its homeless dogs, as well as by educating the public.

Serbia's well-known film director and chairman of the SOS Animals association Goran Paskaljević also reacted to the news this Thursday, by saying that he has been in contact with animal protection associations in Germany and France in order to determine where prosthetic paws for the dog might be manufactured, to then raise the money for this purpose.

Paskaljević, who also chairs Union G17 Plus, said that French organizations have already shown interest in finding Mila a safe home. He expects Serbian police (MUP) to do everything to discover who was behind the vicious attack against the dog.

"Someone who commits a crime so savagely cruel, will not hesitate to attack people too," Paskaljević concluded.