Bosnia mulls sending officers to Afghanistan

SARAJEVO -- Bosnia could send its army officers to a peace mission in Afghanistan, officials in Sarajevo say.

"Bosnia-Herzegovina intends to continue its participation in peacekeeping missions this year. We will send a unit to Iraq, our observers will go to Congo and Eritrea," Defense Minister Selmo Cikotić told the local daily Dnevni Avaz.

"We will also open new military missions in Ankara, Belgrade, Zagreb, and with the NATO headquarters," he said.

"It is also possible that will send a number of officers to NATO-led missions, most likely in Afghanistan," Cikotić said.

Asked whether any number of soldiers, other than officers, would also go, the minister said it was up to the Bosnian authorities to decide.

"Potentially, such a possibility exists, but the Bosnia-Herzegovina Presidency must make that decision," Cikotić concluded.