DSS: Serbian media abused over Kosovo deal

BELGRADE -- The opposition Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) leader Vojislav Koštunica says Serbia was "being forced to accept a fait accompli policy".

This also means that it is being forced to "recognize Kosovo's independence", Tanjug is quoting the former Yugoslav president and Serbian prime minister as saying.

Koštunica believes that western powers are "using the Serbian media" to prepare the ground for the acceptance of Hashim Thaci's plan for independent Kosovo - "even though there is no agreement with Priština."

"Western powers are playing the card of imposing a made-up agreement on Serbia and we need a well thought-out response," warned Koštunica.

"The government should call a session of the National Assembly, share the responsibility with the MPs and reveal there is no agreement. Otherwise, Serbia is being forced to accept a done deal policy and recognize Kosovo's independence," said the DSS leader.

According to Koštunica, the government has a great responsibility not to let Kosovo be taken away from Serbia.

"If the current government finds a way to refuse the imposition of an independent Kosovo, this could be a turning point in the re-establishment of state-building policy," he said.

"If, on the other hand, the West manages to impose independent Kosovo at the last minute, this will be a real disaster for Serbia," concluded the DSS leader.