UN debate cannot be blocked, daily claims

BELGRADE -- There is no formal possibility to block a debate on the Hague Tribunal in the UN General Assembly which was called by UNGA President Vuk Jeremić, a daily writes

Vuk Jeremić (Beta, file)
Vuk Jeremić (Beta, file)

Daily Politika writes that the debate cannot be blocked despite the unofficial information that some influential members of the UN Security Council, including the U.S., Great Britain and France, are against the debate.

“Even if some countries were to exert some political pressures, it would not prevent the staging of the debate on the issue,” the daily's source from the UN said.

Jeremić explained that he decided to call for the public debate on the role and performance of the Hague Tribunal and other ad hoc courts founded by the UN after he consulted the Serbian top leadership.

He noted that he expected pressures to be exerted with a view to preventing the debate but added that such influences would not yield results.

“This was my initiative and the responsibility for it rests on my shoulders as the UNGA president according to the UN Charter and the book of regulations on the work of the UN General Assembly. Still, before making the final decision, I consulted top government officials,” Jeremić pointed out.