Judge says extradition requirements met

BELGRADE -- War Crimes Chamber investigative judge has noted that requirements for extradition of Ratko Mladić have been met, said Special Court Spokeswoman Maja Kovačević.

The Mladić family lawyer enters the Special Court building (Tanjug)
The Mladić family lawyer enters the Special Court building (Tanjug)

Requirements for the extradition have been met since the court has determined Mladić’s identity and that the indictment against him has been confirmed in accordance with the Hague Tribunal Statute, that he is accused of the crime which is also punishable by the domestic law and that the crime was under the Hague Tribunal’s jurisdiction.

The Hague Tribunal most wanted indictee, who was arrested yesterday, will be held at the District Prison detention unit at the Special Court until all conditions for his extradition to The Hague are met.

Mladić and his defense attorney have a right to file an appeal three days upon receiving written decision.

According to the law, the court is obliged to make a decision three days after it receives the appeal.

The appeal can be mailed to the court but that would not delay the enforcement of the court order, the Law on Cooperation with the Hague Tribunal reads.

The court’s ruling, which has determined that all requirements for Mladić’s extradition to the Hague Tribunal have been met, will be signed by the Serbian justice minister.

Serbia now has to locate and arrest the only remaining Hague fugitive Goran Hadžić.