Serbia insists on UN mandate for probe

BELGRADE -- FM Vuk Jeremić said on Monday that Serbia will continue insisting on a UN mandate for the investigation into allegations of human organ trafficking in Kosovo.

Vuk Jeremić (Tanjug)
Vuk Jeremić (Tanjug)

Speaking in Belgrade, he added that consensus needed to be reached on which form that investigation would take, Beta news agency reported.

Jeremić said that some countries at last week's UN Security Council meeting on Kosovo had expressed their reservation toward Serbia's initiative that the Security Council form an ad hoc investigative mechanism which would examine the allegations contained in Council of Europe Rapporteur Dick Marty's report.

"Some countries said they had reservations about an investigation that would have a direct UN mandate. We will continue to insist on a UN mandate, primarily because all crimes committed in the former Yugoslavia have to date been investigated with a UN mandate, with the explicit requirement that results from those investigations are made known to the Security Council," said Jeremić.

Addressing reporters in the Palace of Serbia, Jeremić said that it was necessary to reach consensus on an appropriate form of investigation which would provide full credibility, because some Security Council member countries had the right of veto.