Govt. to return ambassadors

BELGRADE -- The government has decided to return Serbian ambassadors to EU countries that have recognized Kosovo.

Cabinet meeting (FoNet, archive)
Cabinet meeting (FoNet, archive)

Environment Minister Oliver Dulić said that the government had taken the decision to return its ambassadors to those EU member-states, and Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremić, after leaving the cabinet meeting, confirmed the news to journalists awaiting the start of a press conference.

Serbia will now be represented at ambassador level in all EU countries, save Poland and Denmark, where the new ambassadors have yet to be appointed.

Following Kosovo’s unilateral independence declaration in February, the government recalled its ambassadors from all countries recognizing Kosovo as an independent state.

Earlier, news that such a decision was being considered provoked condemnation from opposition parties, who are now criticizing Jeremić for his meeting with UNMIK Chief Lamberto Zannier.

Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) spokesman Andreja Mladenović said that the foreign minister would have to explain “who gave him the authority to legalize the EULEX mission to Kosovo.”

"Minister Jeremić will have to explain to parliament how and why he abandoned the principles adopted by parliament, and who gave him the authority to, on Serbia’s behalf, legalize the EULEX mission, which represents Annex 10 of the Ahtisaari Plan for an independent Kosovo,” Mladenović said.

He added that Jeremić’s powers stemmed from the resolution adopted by parliament on December 26, 2007.

"It can be seen on a daily basis that the new government keeps backing down under pressure from the EU, and that it is not pursuing a policy in the best interests of Serbia but, as foreign commentators call it, the pro-European government,” the DSS official stressed.