Court tells U.S. citizen who stabbed Serbian to "apologize"

A U.S. citizen who used a sharp object to stab 19-year-old Belgrader Tomo Culafic has been ordered "to apologize."

Source: Blic

Belgrade daily Blic is reporting that the verdict of "educational measure of apology" has been passed by the Juvenile Department of the Higher Court in Belgrade. This ended the court process against the assailant.

The 17-year-old American, L.V., was ginally charged with attempted murder. But the prosecution later changed the indictment to accuse him of inflicting grievous bodily harm and offered him a plea bargain.

The prosecutor proposed not to prosecute the attacker criminally but to pass an educational measure, and stated that Culafic was stabbed in the chest by "an unknown object" - even though a forensic expert previously said it was "probably a knife, a pocketknife , or a similar sharp object."

The newspaper is reporting on Thursday that the American said he would agree to apologize, if his victim apologizes to him.

L.V. attacked Culafic last October at the Belgrade Fortress after a short altercation. He was arrested at Nikola Tesla Airport as he was attempting to flee the country.


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