Mladić diary reveals journalist killer?

BELGRADE -- Belgrade daily Politika writes that Ratko Mladić’s diaries could uncover new leads regarding the 1994 murder of journalist Radoslava Dada Vujasinović.

The diaries of the former military leader of Bosnia's Serbs, who is now a fugitive after being indicted for war crimes and genocide by the Hague Tribunal, were recently handed over to that court.

Now the newspaper published what it said were excerpts from the documents – a part of his journals entitled, “The Military Museum”.

The entry was written on Tuesday, October 25, 1994, in Banja Dvorovi. Belgrade is referred to as “Bgd”. It is unclear from the text who is the person telling Mladić what follows:

“Mićo works with Goran (crossed off) Dušan Malović who is connected with Vuković Goran (killer of Ljuba Zemunac – a mafia chief in Bgd). They killed journalist Dada Vujasinović, they’re prepared to do anything… Cafe Metod in Dedinje, Mićo and Vuković meet there and the cafe empties when they talk… Mićo says he’s the chief of the underground and overground in Bgd… Mićo bragged that he was brought in to take down Lukić and you, which was M. Krajišnik’s game. Krajišnik can’t stand you in the extreme.”

The newspaper said it researched the transcript to find out about the persons mentioned in connection to the so far unsolved death of the journalist, found shot dead in her apartment in 1994.

The case was initially treated as suicide.

Politika writes that Mićo Stanišić was born in 1954 in Pale and graduated from the Faculty of Law in Sarajevo. He was appointed minister without portfolio in 1991, became interior minister in the Serb MUP in Bosnia in 1992, and was in charge of public and national security.

Stanišić voluntarily surrendered himself to the Hague Tribunal on March 11, 2005. He is standing trial for persecution of non-Serb population from 20 municipalities in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Goran Vuković aka Majmun (Monkey) and Dušan Malović were shot and killed in downtown Belgrade on December 12, 1994.

Vuković was known as the murderer of a gangster nicknamed Ljuba Zemunac, but also as the leader of of the so-called Voždovac Clan, which was at the time considered the most powerful crime group in Belgrade.

Rumors said that Vuković was the first to reveal that some persons from police were involved in drug trafficking, which was considered as the likely cause for his murder. Numerous members of the Voždovac Clan were also killed shortly after his death.

In one of her articles in the early 1990's, Dada Vujasinović quoted Vuković, who described Željko Ražnatović aka Arkan as a “skillful and able killer”.

Malović was the commander of an RS special police unit, called Pahuljice (Snowflakes), which was under Interior Minister Mićo Stanišić’s command. The unit’s members are suspected of committing a massacre of 22 persons, among them children, on November 25, 1992 in Bijeljina.