After suffering major defeat, Johnson announced early general elections

The British Parliament has voted to launch a motion to ban No-Deal Brexit

Source: Tanjug,
Tanjug/House of Commons/PA via AP
Tanjug/House of Commons/PA via AP

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has suffered a major defeat after members of Parliament voted to take control of Parliament in order to pass a new law that could force him to delay Brexit and avoid a no-deal exit.

Johnson was defeated by 328 votes to 301, with 21 Conservative MPs backing the motion. The rebels included multiple former ministers, including former Conservative Chancellors Philip Hammond and Ken Clarke.

Johnson said he would be forced to call a general election, adding that he would bring forward a motion to hold an early general election, AP reports.

"I don't want an election, but if MPs vote tomorrow to stop the negotiations and to compel another pointless delay of Brexit, potentially for years, then that will be the only way to resolve this," Johnson concluded.

The vote in Parliament on Tuesday night suggests strong support for preventing the no-deal scenario. It was only made possible by 21 Conservative Party legislators who defied Johnson and will see their parliamentary careers come to an early end because of it.

Some senior Conservative Party figures, including former Treasury chief Philip Hammond and Winston Churchill’s grandson, Nicholas Soames, joined the rebellion and face expulsion from the party.

Johnson lost majority in the Parliament when one of his Conservative MPs backed the pro-European Liberal Democrats.


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