Exclusively for TV Prva director of the RFHI: The cure for Covid patients has arrived

"The medicine made for Covid patients has arrived in Serbia. Two lots arrived", Sanja Skodric, the director of the Republic Health Insurance Fund said.

Source: B92
Printscreen TV Prva
Printscreen TV Prva

Two lots arrived, one on Friday for 1,800 patients and the other one arrived yesterday for another 4,000 patients, she stated, in as an exclusive guest appearance on the morning news on Television Prva.

"This medicine belongs to the group of monoclonal antibodies. It works by binding to sites on the virus used normally by the virus itself to bind to the cell. The medicine thus prevents the virus from further binding to cells in our body. Its efficiency goes up to 95 percent. It should be noted that we exclusively procure only proven medicines with the greatest efficiency, and for that reason, it is not easy to get medicines like this one," she said.

According to the director of the RHIF, Serbia is the fourth country in Europe, next to Germany, Hungary, and the Czech Republic, to have obtained this medicine.

"Germany procured this medicine due to a fact that they do not have a sufficient number of vaccines at the moment. That is the main reason why countries that do not have enough vaccines struggle to get this medicine. This medicine is given to patients who are not hospitalized, preventing the progression of the disease. is exclusively for those patients who have mild and moderate symptoms of the disease but have a higher risk of getting more severe forms of the Coronavirus. It is administered to positive patients, no later than 10 days after the onset of symptoms," she explained.

She also added that the medicine is administered in the form of an infusion once a day in the hospital or in a Covid-clinic.

"The next batch of this medicine will arrive during April and May," Ms. Sanja Skodric, the director of the RHIF confirmed in this interview.


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