Paradox in Serbia: School principals sued for insisting that children wear masks

Criminal charges were filed against 300 principals of primary and secondary schools in Belgrade, because they conditioned children and teachers to wear masks

Source: RTS, Tanjug
Ilustracija: Depositphotos/ archideaphoto
Ilustracija: Depositphotos/ archideaphoto

According to the Belgrade media, the lawsuit was filed by the Police Union.

The news about the lawsuit was first conveyed to the media by Vesna Vojvodić Mitrović from the Branch Trade Union of Education Workers of Serbia "Nezavisnost" in an author's text published by Blic.

She states that this is a "quick reaction of the public prosecutor, to the lawsuit filed by the president of the police union against the principals of all Belgrade schools."

In the text entitled "Fighting absurdity…", Vojvodić Mitrović states that the prosecutor's quick reaction is "the last in a series of cases that paradigmatically depict the unbalanced attitude of the state apparatus towards the education system".

The director of the Zemun Gymnasium in Belgrade, Miloš Bjelanović, says that he is shocked after criminal charges were filed against him and about 300 other principals of primary and secondary schools in Belgrade.

"I am still in shock. To do something according to the law, absolutely applying all the proposed measures, to do everything to protect the lives of both students and employees and after that you get criminal charges", Bjelanović said for RTS.

For now, the principals of schools from Zemun and Savski Venac have given statements, as public service reports.

"When we heard that the Zemun police and those from Savski Venac started acting, I called my friends in Voždovac and New Belgrade, where it has not started yet, but we expect it to start. We reacted immediately, within one day, we asked to be received to a meeting with competent minister", Dejan Nedić, president of the Association of school Directors of Serbia, stated.

When asked by the Third Prosecutor's Office how this paradoxical situation came about and whether the Prosecutor's Office could have rejected the criminal complaint as unfounded, since the directors only respect the Law on Protection against Infectious Diseases, the Prosecutor's Office said that they must first study the case thoroughly.


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