Japanese ambassador: Bosnia's politicians are corrupt caste

In an unusually strongly worded statement, Japanese Ambassador to Bosnia-Herzegovina Hideo Yamazaki has criticized the host country's politicians.

Source: Tanjug

In a written statement sent to the local media on Monday, the diplomat described Bosnia's politicians as "a corrupt caste that cares only about its own interests."

Yamazaki explained that his country, regardless of the good will, will not lightly opt in favor of financially assisting Bosnia in the future, and pointed out that assistance provided so far has often been used inefficiently, and wasted.

As an example, he cited unnecessary police escorts provided to politicians "so they could endanger other participants in the traffic with speeding and reckless driving."

The statement, described as "unusual for the extremely restrained Japanese diplomacy in Bosnia," added that the Japanese government pledged during a recent donor conference to set aside EUR 5 million in grants for those areas affected by the May flooding.

Yamazaki pointed out, however, that the activation of these resources depends entirely on the concrete projects that will be directly funded, without the mediation of the authorities in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

"In other words, the Japanese government cannot simply transfer the money to the account of institutions of Bosnia-Herzegovina," said the ambassador, thus indirectly suggesting that Japan thought at least a portion of the donated money would otherwise end up in the pockets of politicians at different levels.

The diplomat "further spiced up" his criticism of local politicians by saying their behavior cannot be described in any other way except as arrogant.

The Croatian news agency Hina reported that Yamazaki advised them to focus their energy on improving the living conditions of the citizens, instead of spending it on conflicts between, and within the parties.

"Politicians are also expected to consider the best way to use spending of public revenues to benefit the citizens, especially those who have suffered the most during the recent floods. Only when these conditions have been met, will Japan be able to help Bosnia-Herzegovina," the ambassador concluded.


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