"We will not tolerate the persecution of the Serbian people"

We will consider the decision to withdraw the Serbs from KiM from the Pristina institutions," said Igor Simić, regarding the dismissal of the police director.

Source: Tanjug

We will consider the decision to withdraw the Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija from the Pristina institutions," said the vice-president of the Serbian List, Igor Simić, regarding the dismissal of the police director.

"No one from Pristina has the right to replace him. He acted honorably. They implemented an illegal decision contrary to the Brussels Agreement. Serbs from the North of Kosovo entered the Kosovo institutions, and we entered with one goal, to institutionally protect the Serbian people," Simic said.

"Pristina has now decided to make its own decisions. We provided many chances for the dialogue to succeed, we extended our hands of reconciliation, and for all that we got mistreatment, endangering the Serbian people," said Simić.

As he said, Nenad Djurić was dismissed against the law, and after Pristina's shameful decision, he said that the presidency of the Serbian List is with its people, and that it will continue to fight for Serbian interests, the media reported.

"If anyone thought that we would suffer and be obedient to Pristina, we will not. We entered Kosovo's institutions according to the Brussels Agreement. But obviously, Pristina's response is trampling on all our rights," he said.

Rakić convened the meeting bearing in mind, as he called it, the latest shameful, illegal and anti-Serb decision of Pristina, which suspended the director of the Regional Directorate North, Nenad Djurić, because he refused to issue warnings to his fellow citizens, for having legal KM license plates, and which the leadership of the Serb List and all mayors from the north welcomed and supported yesterday.

"Taking into account all the pressures our people are exposed to and all the proud Serbs who do not agree to be the decor of Pristina, we need to strengthen and build Serbian institutions in these areas in cooperation with our country, Serbia," said Rakić, as reported by Serb list.


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