"If it's not true - what is Pristina complaining about"

If new revocations of recognitions of Kosovo are not true - as they claim in Pristina - then why did they complain about it, Ivica Dacic has wondered.

Source: B92, Tanjug, Prva TV
(EPA-EFE, file)
(EPA-EFE, file)

He was speaking in the context of Pristina's decision to "complain to international institutions because of Serbia's behavior" - the behavior in question being the latest two withdrawals of recognition of the self-declared Independence of Kosovo.

And the message that Serbia has received is "to be careful about its behavior in order not to irritate the Albanianas."

Speaking for Prva TV on Monday morning, Dacic asked: if it isn't true that two more countries have revoked their recognition of Kosovo, why is Pristina complaining and why are Western countries saying we shouldn't be irritating Pristina?

"Obviously that hurts them the most because they consider it all already resolved, and they keep talking about those 116 countries that have recognized Kosovo. There, let them continue to believe in fairy-tales. I'm not talking just like that, all those (recognition withdrawal) notes are written, and not only have nine countries revoked their recognition - the number will only grow," he said.

Speaking about the US position on Kosovo, Dacic said that progress has been made in relations to Washington because they now allow some kind of a compromise solution. "However, they continue to think that Kosovo is an independent state and that we are undermining the dialogue because we call on countries to withdraw their decision on (Kosovo's) independence. I wonder, what about those who call for recognition? Does this not affect the dialogue? It's hypocritical,"concluded Dacic.

Earlier, he told the daily Vecernje Novosti that Western countries are asking Serbia to put and end it diplomatic campaign that is succeeding in influencing states that have recognized Kosovo to review and annul those decisions.

"The Albanian side complains to the Westerners about me, and the West asks us to stop this because it irritates the Albanians and, supposedly, is detrimental to the (Kosovo) the dialogue - while their lobbying for new recognitions and membership in international organizations is just fine," Dacic remarked.

"When voting for their (Pristina's Interpol membership bid takes place, it will be seen that this matter has not been resolved and that the list of of the number of states that recognize Kosovo that Pristina has is fake. Since they allegedly have so many countries, then they can be expected to be admitted to Interpol - and I can guarantee that this will not happen," Dacic said.


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