Dacic likens Turkey coup to anti-Milosevic protests in 2000

SPS leader Ivica Dacic has compared an attempted military coup in Turkey with the October 5 democratic changes in Yugoslavia, Beta agency has reported.

Izvor: Beta

Speaking about the greatest achievements of the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) in the past 26 years, Dacic singled out the Dayton Agreement and UN Security Council Resolution 1244, and repeated that the justification of NATO's bombing of Serbia in 1999 should be "examined."

"The new foreign minister of England (sic) Boris Johnson took part in activities in Serbia in 1999 along with the Serbian people on the bridges, because he stood against the bombing of Serbia, that is, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia," Dacic has been quoted as saying, and adding that "eventually, someone will be held responsible for the bombing."

Dacic, who serves as first deputy PM and foreign minister in the caretaker government, also said on Sunday that while Serbia "has its disagreements with Turkey" he was condemning the attempted coup, and compared it to the October 5, 2000 mass demonstrations against the government of Slobodan Milosevic, the founder and lifelong leader of the SPS, and at the time the president of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

"You know well what our party thinks about these coups, about coming to power by means of violence. That brought nothing good to the Serbian people, and so it would not bring anything good to the Turkish, and I'm certain that this coup has lots of nuances from the outside, and is perhaps only missing some tools and imagery, like what happened here, the fist, Otpor! (Resistance! movement), the whistles. It's now completely clear that the downing of the Russian plane was done by a pilot who belonged to the coup participants, and now that Turkey has renewed its ties with Russia, obviously that does not suit someone," said Dacic.

The main board of the SPS decided that Slavica Djukic-Dejanovic will replace Aleksandar Antic as Dacic's vice-president and deputy.

Dragan Markovic Palma, leader of United Serbia, the SPS coalition partner, also proposed that Dacic should run in the 2017 presidential election as the coalition's candidate.


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