President hopes 2014 wiill be "year of great achievements"

Tomislav Nikolić has wished the citizens of Serbia a better, happier and more prosperous 2014, with the hope that "all the plans will be accomplished."

Source: Tanjug

In a message on Tuesday, the president said he hoped that "the people will be able to say that 2014 was a year of great achievements."

“I do not want to offer the citizens too much false hope. However, I can say that our difficulties are behind us to an extent, and I expect that in the year ahead of us, they will come to be behind us to a greater extent,” Nikolić said in a statement for Tanjug.

If everything that has been exhaustively discussed goes according to plan, the Serbian citizens will be entitled to finally say: “Well, it were not just promises, it was a year in which a lot has been achieved.”

Nikolić added that “certain difficulties” that have remained in the Serbian government even after its reshuffle will be dealt with, stressing the government’s “total dedication to work” on several key targets.

“We honestly want to become EU members, to open negotiations and remove through them all the defects that Serbia has. We also want to finish the talks with Priština in the best possible way, respecting that which the people entrusted to us when we were elected, namely, sovereignty, integrity, dignity, Serbia as a member of the United Nations,” said the president.

He reiterated his desire for Serbia to preserve all the old and create new friendships.

“We will never give up on the fact that our great friends are also outside of the EU, that our big markets, suppliers of raw materials and energy commodities are also outside the EU, and that our traditional friendships where we have markets for nearly all the products and everything that we produce in Serbia are also outside the EU,” the president said.

We have got a lot of things moving from a standstill, observed the president and said:

“I think we have people in power who are willing to make unpopular moves and suffer a short term or even a several month long decline in popularity because of that. But whenever you are in a tunnel, you always look in the direction of the exit and aim to get to it, regardless of the obstacles that may be there.”

The Serbian president wished all the citizens of Serbia a much nicer, much happier, much more prosperous 2014, "with a lot more children born during the year."


Putin wishes Nikolić happy New Year, Christmas

Russian President Vladimir Putin wished Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić a happy New Year and a Merry Christmas, the Kremlin press service has said.

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