Threats against Tadić “real”, says ex-Gendarmerie chief

Threats against Serbian President Boris Tadić are real, says former MUP Gendarmerie Commander Gen. Goran Radosavljević Guri.

Source: NIN

In his interview for Belgrade weekly NIN, Radosavljević warned that the president and the prime minister should primarily be protected through counterintelligence activities, “rather than by ten bodyguards”.

“Something is seriously wrong in the president’s security,” the retired Serbian police (MUP), general said, and emphasized that Tadić “could have quality protection only with good assistance from counterintelligence and intelligence services”.

According to Radosavljević, the fact that the president is protected by members of the Serbian Army (VS) special unit Kobre means that he “does not trust police”.

Radosavljević noted that the security of heads of states was usually entrusted to police and its special units, but that “everybody has the right to choose who should protect them and who they trust the most”.

“Every president is realistically threatened, especially this one,” the former Gendarmerie commander replied when asked whether Tadić faces serious threats, or if reports about it were exaggerated.

“It’s very important that those people who are protecting President Tadić or anybody else are in contact with police,” he said, and added that late PM Zoran Đinđić was killed “because his security did a poor job”.

Radosavljević stressed that the VS unit providing Tadić's security “does not have radios compatible with those of police”, that they “do not know each other well enough, are not all from the same team, and that there must be a person who will be liaison, a bridge between the Kobre and police”.

“Things are repeating themselves, like in the time of Đinđić. The same thing can happen here,” Radosavljević was quoted as saying by the weekly.

According to him, “everybody must be included into a single system, because this minimum, below which one cannot go, exists everywhere in the world”.

Radosavljević was the first commander of the renewed Serbian Gendarmerie after October 5, 2000. He left police in 2005 and is currently running his private security company. According to media reports, Radosavljević recently joined the oppositon Serb Progressive Party (SNS).


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