Brammertz report "realistic", says Ljajić

Rasim Ljajić said on Sunday that Chief Hague Prosecutor Serge Brammertz's report on Serbia's cooperation is "realistic and objective".

Source: B92, Beta

"It contains everything that is the overall content of Serbia's cooperation with the tribunal," Ljajić, who heads the National Cooperation Council, told B92.

According to him, the report, which Brammertz is due to officially present on Dec. 12, will contribute to diminish doubts raised in a part of the international community about Serbia's political will to finalize the cooperation.

But Ljajić could not say with certainty that all this will be sufficient to persuade Holland, which insists on the arrest of Ratko Mladić.

Holland is blocking the implementation of the suspended SAA, signed by Serbia and the EU in April.

Ljajić added that all the activities that could lead to the arrest of the remaining two fugitives will continue in the coming period.

Former Bosnian Serb military leader Ratko Mladić, and former Croatian Serb political leader Goran Hadžić have been indicted by the Hague, but are still at large.

In his report to the UN, Brammertz writes that Serbia has in the second half of 2008 achieved essential progress in the cooperation with his office.

Arrests of Radovan Karadžić and Stojan Župljanin are described as the turning point in this cooperation.

Before his document is officially presented, it will be sent to the EU Council of Ministers, as they meet on Dec. 10 or 11.

B92 has seen the report, which states that while Serbia has achieved essential progress, the most critical aspect of the cooperation remains the arrest of the two remaining indictees.


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