Referendum in Kosovo: No surprises

Several hundred Serbs gathered near the bridge in Kosovska Mitrovica to celebrate the referendum results.

Source: B92, Beta

The participants carried Serbian flags, and shouted, among other things, “Kosovo is Serbia”, “Ratko Mladić”, and “We won’t give up the land”. Priština media has covered last night’s events.

Some Kosovo Serb representatives see yesterday’s vote in the province as no surprise, while Oliver Ivanović, Kosovo List leader, says the situation in Serbia proper is different.

“In Serbia many people have a more mature understanding of the constitution, which, while being important, is not the only important issue. Low voter turnout should serve as a warning to those who have decided to hastily adopt the constitution without prior pubic debate”, Ivanović says.

Kosovo team: Serbs, turn to the future

Kosovo negotiating team believes that the high Serb voter turnout was “regrettable”, and is convinced that the constitutional referendum will have no impact on the future Kosovo status.  

”The response of the Serb community in Kosovo to this referendum is regrettable. But we must repeat that we have learned the games Serbia plays with important documents, such as the constitution”, Skender Iseni said.

He also relayed Kosovo institutions’ appeal for the Serbs to integrate and take part in the Kosovo processes.

Albanian language dailies report about the constitutional referendum and the celebrations in the wake of its adoption.

”Serbia adopts constitution with half of votes”, Koha Ditore’s headline read this morning. The Priština daily ran two other articles on the same subject.

Bota Sot’s article was entitled, ”Referendum and chanting to war criminals”, while Kosova Sot’s headline read, “Serbs ‘keep’ Kosovo”.