Driver buries his car after killing cyclist in hit-and-run

The police have arrested a resident of Bela Crkva, a town in northwestern Serbia, on suspicion that he killed a cyclist in a hit-and run.

Source: B92

The accident happened on Dupljaj-Grebenac road on October 27, with the cyclist dying instantly of his wounds.

The police said the driver, identified with his initials and year of birth as D.K. (1984), later decided to hide the car by burying it in the ground.

The vehicle, an unregistered Zastava, was found buried in a hole in an inaccessible area near the town of Kovin.

The suspect is currently held in up to 48-hour police custody, the Interior Ministry (MUP) said on Thursday, and will be charged and brought before the prosecution in Pancevo.


Six cars torched overnight in Belgrade

Six cars in three different locations in Belgrade have been set on fire, the state broadcaster RTS is reporting.

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