Keeping records of Serbian assets

Mladjan Dinkic is making sure that none of Serbia’s property is unjustly given to Montenegro.

Source: Beta

“As a preventive measure, I have warranted an inspection of the budget for the control of all relevant institutions of the former federal union, in order to have a clear list of employees, property and funds.” Serbian Finance Minister Mladjan Dinkic said.

He said that the inventory of property will be very important for the rebalancing of the budget and as a preventive measure for anyone who may want to illegally transfer Serbian money to Montenegro.

“We cannot allow apartments that are labelled as national property, but are actually Serbia, to be given to Montenegrin officials and citizens.” Dinkic said, adding that almost every embassy around the world will remain in the possession of Serbia.

“Serbia will essential keep almost all of the embassies because the dividing up of embassies is not even done as far as the SFRY is concerned. There will be discussions with Montenegro regarding this, but they do not have the rights to more than 5.5 per cent of all Serbia-Montenegro property located abroad.” Dinkic said.

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