“DS experts at dirty signatures”

BELGRADE -- DSS spokesman Andreja Mladenović says that voters on May 11 will gave their answer to Deputy Prime Minister Božidar Đelić’s signature on the EU agreement.

Source: B92, Tanjug
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  1. BatoAnd in the long term Serbia would be a poor country with nobody to cooroporate with. That's just perfect for us albanians.

    I am very sorry for you Bato but i do not think that you are Albanian.

    chears mate
    (Rocky UK, 1 May 2008 03:12)
  2. I am wondering how someone like miri dares to write about "vulgarity" here... since it was herself philosophizing here about "russian prostitutes"...

    sometimes one should rather stay quiet, instead of revealing own vulgarity...
    (Jovan, 1 May 2008 00:30)
  3. DS experts at dirty signatures, DSS experts at dirty campaigning.

    No wonder people vote for SRS.
    (alex uk, 30 April 2008 20:06)
  4. You've got to be joking. He actually said that? This is playground politics at their worst. Big surprise that Kostunica, Nikolic, etc. are against signing the SAA which would not only hurt them politically, but also financially. They have more to gain if they can regress Serbia back to the '90s.
    (Nate, 30 April 2008 19:06)
  5. The vulgarity of this campaign has bypassed even that of elections in Albania.

    What an histeria!!
    (miri, 30 April 2008 18:04)
  6. I so wish for these elections to be over soon. Politicians in Serbia has argued and argued and argued, and so have we (here at B92) over what the Serbian people want and do not want.

    I am tired of it all. I want to see an election result, so we all know where we stand, what the reality is, and THEN we can start arguing about what to do next.
    (Jan Andersen, DK, 30 April 2008 18:02)
  7. I am an albanian from Kosova and I hope that DSS or the radicals win the election. That is perfect for us albanians because after that the whole world will reconize our independence. And if Serbia try to make some kind of military move then nato will send you to the stoneage.Russia won't help you because Russia can't help them self.

    And in the long term Serbia would be a poor country with nobody to cooroporate with. That's just perfect for us albanians.

    And how can you call Tadic somthing bad when he is your countrys president and the people of serbia woted for him ?? It's samefull how you can do that.

    I hope DSS win and you will isolate your self while we Kosovars is moving fast forward. After that election even the serbs in Kosovo will have a better life than serbs in Serbia.

    Viva la Kosova.
    (Bato, 30 April 2008 17:46)
  8. Well said Mladenović, it is now up to the people to decide.
    (ZK UK, 30 April 2008 16:13)